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HCS provides a comprehensive set of tools and services for healthcare providers by adopting IoT Digital Healthcare technologies to improve care and maximize reimbursement.

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LTC/Skilled Nursing

HCS provides technologies and services for facilities to adopt emerging technologies to increase occupancy, improve care efficiency/outcomes, reduce costs, and maximize profit.

Our business modeling, service, and technology approach assist in current and future regulatory compliance e.g., ACA, Value-Based Purchasing,readmissions,etc.

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Home Healthcare

HCS’ IoT Healthcare Services allows home healthcare agencies both providers and patients the ability to connect via the HIPAA complianct web-based video, download vitals data and coordinate care.

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Healthcare Consumer/Patient

HCS IoT facilitates the use of healthcare apps, wearables, diagnosis based education, 24/7 HIPAA compliant video care access, medication reminders, notifications, etc. to assist in self-management of health and wellbeing.

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IoT Healthcare Model

Health Chain Solutions, LLC has developed an innovative IoT healthcare business service model which focuses on:

  • Deliver Consumer Driven Care through patient access to quality care on a 24/7 basis regardless their age or technology capabilities e.g. mobile, TV, tablet etc.
  • Enable healthcare providers to use current and emerging digital healthcare tools to access patients wherever they are
  • Improve patient care, outcomes, and assure fiscal responsibility for providers
  • Use of data management methods, tools and technology to validate care quality and manage cost of care delivery

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Proprietary Platform

Digital Care Connect™ is a professional Care Coordination platform providing individual patient care planning, monitoring, and follow up within a portable patient and clinician portal. The mobile Telehealth application contains a quality video care technology enhancing connectivity between physicians, families, and patients.

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Actionable Data

The big buzz in health care is Big Data. From electronic health records to clinical measures and decision support tools, providers are inundated with new technologies that enable them to automate processes and capture new types of clinical data.

As an industry healthcare has lagged behind sectors like retail and banking in the use of big data ‐ partly because of concerns about patient confidentiality. HCS is the first to integrate within the data sphere.

The big-data revolution is under way in healthcare . . .

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HCS allows people to access care within their lifestyle regardless of age and technology orientation. This method will increase overall population health and overtime the U.S. population health will have the ability to manage healthcare cost more effectively.

Providers, e.g. physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing, home healthcare etc., have been and continued to be inundated with Healthcare IT investments, but many of the technologies are proprietary and lack a timeline for a breakeven and profit validation. HCS’ methods, tools, and technologies are open system and business driven.

The current healthcare industry lacks data sharing across the patient care continuum. HCS’ proprietary IoT technology design provides the capability to capture data from the current fragmented healthcare system and generate actionable information to strategically address access to care, provider care quality and rising healthcare cost.

Data is the future currency of healthcare, everyone talks about Big Data, but few understand the innovation required to make data work for healthcare consumers to improve care, prevent ACA penalties, control costs, and generate profits. HCS is an expert at utilizing data to generate value and gain insight.

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