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HCS was founded on the principles that data/information is critical to quality patient care, avoiding Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties, and assuring providers across the healthcare continuum are profitable and sustainable. HCS understands that data is the currency of healthcare. Our team focuses on data analytics to identify high quality, low cost providers, products, and services. In addition, we develop and implement new methodologies, combining technology and holistic data measures to help identify new insights for providing and improving care.

In 2013, HCS began the development of Digital Care Connect™. This platform is an open systems architecture allowing for the use of CLOUD based‐systems. This platform allows for the capture of digital health data from a variety of devices and sensors. Digital Care Connect™ allows providers to visualize and trend patient care data in a HIPAA compliant system in order to make more informed decisions.

Data and reporting have become the tools to avoid ACA penalties and assure profitability for healthcare companies. Understanding that the ACA will continue to regulate and penalize across the healthcare continuum, the Digital Care Connect™ platform is key in population health management.

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