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Home Healthcare

Industry Need For A Growing Aging Population But Under Attack

Home healthcare has rapidly grown to a $87 billion market in the U.S. Several trends drive strong industry growth, to include:

  • Aging population skews toward strong demographic trends
  • Preference of patients to receive in‐home care
  • Low cost setting driving utilization by payors

Industry landscape continues to favor players of scale, driving significant merger and aquisition activity. The home healthcare market will take an estimated annual reimbursement reduction of 2.1 to 2.5 per cent in 2016 and 2017.

The challenge of Home Healthcare Providers is to expand their business profitably while positioning for growth. HCS understands the business environment for home healthcare and has developed methods, tools, and technologies to successfully navigate the changing care and reimbursement landscape of the home healthcare provider.

HCS Methods, Tools and Services for Home Healthcare

Setting the Foundation for Success

The HCS proposed approach will encompass:

  • Leveraging current technologies and workforce assets to design and deploy an Integrated Technology Program, to include: legacy systems, an EHR, communication tools, and care technologies
  • Focusing on workforce efficient workflows with technology as a tool
  • Establishing standardized models for broadband wireless configurations to support current and future technologies, workflows, and care paths to provide the ability to adapt to the changing regulations and emerging technologies
  • Establishing a foundation for addressing future regulatory changes directed at penalizing home healthcare agencies, e.g. PQRS, and new and changing reimbursement in specific home healthcare service areas

Upside Benefits for Home Healthcare

  • Efficient use of practice resources which will be measured and reported on
  • Standardized reporting provides information more efficiently supporting claims/billing accuracy and expediting cash flow
  • Well-defined tasks and timelines for patient care and supporting staff to improve revenue cycles
  • Improved revenue cycle time leads to increased cash flow
  • Improved staff training and new hire productivity
  • Efficient and timely compliance reporting

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