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IoT Solutions

HCS has developed an innovative IoT healthcare business service model which focuses on:

  • Delivering Consumer Driven Care through patient access to quality care on a 24/7 basis regardless their age or technology capabilities, e.g. mobile, TV, tablet, etc.
  • Enabling healthcare providers to use current and emerging digital healthcare tools to access patients whenever, wherever they are
  • Improving patient care, outcomes, and fiscal responsibility for providers
  • Using data management methods, tools and technology to validate care quality and manage cost of care delivery

Digital Care Connect™

HCS has developed Digital Care Connect™ to integrate health tools (IoT - Internet of Things) into the patientís lifestyle, versus forcing people to change personal habits. This will lead to greater utilization which, in turn, will improve personal and population health.

Digital Care Connect™ enables providers‘ and patients alike access to current and emerging digital healthcare tools and solutions. Providers and patients gain the ability to connect wherever they are, thereby improving patient care and outcomes.

Visual Management & Analytics

HCS has developed business models within the care continuum, e.g. providers, hospitals, LTC/SNF, Home Healthcare, that use data management methods, tools, and technology to validate care quality and manage cost of care delivery.

  • The terms Big Data and Data Analytics are overused in the healthcare space every day, and most healthcare leadership and providers fail to understand the effort and imagination required to make data a valuable tool to improve patient outcomes, decrease risk, lower expenses and increase profits
  • Data Management and analytics is a core competency
  • Visual Reporting and Tools increase the usability of the data
  • Utilize an open systems architecture allowing HCS to send and receive data from multiple sources

Future Innovations

Healthcare devices and technologies are seeing rapid growth, but the majority of healthcare providers have failed to integrate these existing and emerging technologies into the care path. Because we are agnostic to peripheral devices, as technology changes or improves, HCS will review to determine the best‐in‐class and offer the latest advances to our client base.

HCS has many innovative ideas from the use of artifical intelligence, for improving bandwidth for HIPAA compliant video conferencing to use in creating algothrithms for analyzing which care plans get the best outcomes.

Most healthcare consumer know how to use a television. By integrating the television ino the care path, HCS can make an intuitive technology a healthcare tool that can be used by all generations.

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