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Human beings are creatures of habit. We are in the age of personal convenience and instant gratification. The majority of the U.S. population is becoming increasingly tech savvy. It seems the younger generation is more efficient at adopting emerging technologies. For the older population, however, technologies seem less intuitive. For this population, a steep learning curve must be overcome in order to effectively adopt the use of these tools.

HCS services focus on allowing healthcare consumers and patients to effectively utilize the tools, e.g. apps, wearables, mobile, TV, etc., they access in their everyday lives. If the healthcare market allows access to consumer health, medical, and behavioral health tools which fit into people’s lifestyle there is a greater chance of improving population health and patient compliance.

Consumer Driven Health Tools

  • Uses TV and/or Telephone, Email, Text, Social Network
  • Pictures and Video
  • Therapeutic Music
  • Memory Care Options
  • Games/Therapy
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Wellbeing App
  • Patient Quizzes, Surveys, and Questionaires
  • Monitoring Device Data Collection
  • Video Connections
  • Stats and Trend Reporting

Overall Benefits of Consumer Driven Health Tools

  • Expect better value for their healthcare dollar, leading to better health outcomes
  • Realize that lifestyles and behaviors contribute to health ‐ either negatively or positively
  • React more positively to rewards than to punitive actions
  • Seek the tools and programs necessary to become more efficient consumers of healthcare services
  • Respond to wellness programs that help maintain good health, especially when financial incentives are offered

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