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SmartCare Connect™

HIPAA Compliant Video

Through the use of secure video technology patients and providers can readily interact to improve on the delivery of healthcare. This would include visits such as follow‐up care, behavioral health assessments, emergency, etc.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM allows patients to maintain independence, monitor for compliance, and minimize their personal medical costs. RPM facilitates these goals by delivering care right to the patient. In addition, patients and their family members can feel more comfortable knowing that they are being medically monitored and supported if a problem arises.

Key features of RPM are:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Trend analysis of physiological parameters
  • Detection of improvement or deterioration
  • Helps reduce the number of emergency department visits,
    hospitalizations, and duration of hospital stays
  • Wireless mobility

Notifications and Alerts

An important capability required to effectively coordinate care is Medical Alerts and Notifications. HCS has developed the ability to set triggers and escalation methods for each alert and notification, which can be activated based on the nature of each event.

Patient Education & Quizzes

Patients will have access to videos, presentations, and other educational materials to review. The patient can be asked questions about their diagnosis and treatment plan. Providers can use patient’s responses to assess patient’s knowledge of their diagnosis, and assure that patients are receiving and retaining proper education.

Questionaires and Surveys

The ACA uses patient satisfaction score as a tool to evaluate hospitals and providers. Patient satisfaction scores are generated through surveys that healthcare providers now use to prevent being penalized and to identity areas for improvement.

Envision a survey design which successfully captures resident/patient information on the following:

  • Satisfaction of care
  • Quality of facilities
  • Satisfaction with staff and care providers
  • Family member satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with the overall experience

Device Maintenance Monitoring

HCS has found that it is important to collect data directly from a device versus human input. It is just as important to monitor the devices that are monitoring patients. The device information provides us with insight that notifies when it is time to switch out devices or gain an understanding of which device work best with specific patients with specific diagnoses.

The device maintenance monitoring data collection also provides HCS insight into the current device function, allowing our team to develop requirements for enhancements. Also, with new devices and apps emerging every week, HCS will have the ability to confirm best‐in‐class tools or identify emerging best‐in‐class devices.

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