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Visual Management & Analytics

Data is the currency that will drive the healthcare market of the future. HCS was founded to help healthcare providers maximize the use of data to measure quality, effectiveness, compliance. This, in turn, will positively impact financial stability and viability of an organization.

HCS engages each customer with the use of:

Intelligent Data

  • Efficient use of data across the healthcare continuum regardless of technology


  • Innovative use of data to provide insight into the areas of risk that negatively impact care quality, readmissions, HCHAP scores, and finances


  • Leading edge technologies which reduce cost, creates efficient use of current and emerging software, devices, apps etc.

State of Art Solutions

  • Providing best in class solutions to improve patients quality of life, manage cost of care and increase your competitive advantage


High level visual represention of patients current level of health, population health,
facility health, etc.

Visual Reporting

Providing a visual format versus text driven report, designed to provide clear, concise actionable data.

GIS Technology

Geo‐Spatial representation of data which respresents providers, patients, facilities, or suppliers. This allows for exception processing through a red, yellow, green schema to assist in managing entities.

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